JUNG IL HOON: His farewell to RADIO IDOL.

Yesterday, BTOB‘s main rapper JUNG IL HOON said goodbye to IDOL RADIO.

The young man said: «I became the DJ of this radio show in October last year. My special thanks go to all the artists who came as guests of the show and made it shine».

He also added: «Thank you to all our listeners who listened to our show every night. I have the feeling that I received a lot of love from all of you. Thank you so much.»

BTOB’s members LIM HYUN SIK and PENIEL, as well as YOUNG HOON from THE BOYZ, HWI YOUNG from SF9 and SANDEUL from B1A4, were the guests of this last show hosted by JUNG IL HOON. They supported their friend.

Member SEO EUN KWANG and LEE MINHYUK who are in the army at the moment had prepared a vocal message they wanted to address to the rapper. Member YUK SEONG JAE has made a surprise phone call during the show.

From today and up to the 5th of October, PENTAGON‘s members JINHO and HUI will be the special DJs of the show.

Journalist: Plum
Translator: Plum
Source : Cube Entertainment

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