Saturday, December 9, 2023
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SONG HA YEA: A delicate emotion.

     Singer SONG HA YEA is back today with a new top-notch single.


    It is at Ilchi Art Hall in the Gangnam district that singer SONG HA YEA made her comeback to the press.

     You had discovered SONG HA YEA‘s voice on Kpopstar season 2.

    Since that time, the singer has made her way and has became a ballad and drama OST singer.

     Today the singer appeared in front of us, to present us her new digital single “새 사랑 (Another love)“.

     This new title “새 사랑 (Another love)” tells us the story of new love that comes to us after a breakup, reviving different emotions highlighted by the sublime voice of SONG HA YEA.

     To start this showcase the singer presented her latest title
Your regards“, a beautiful ballad to put her voice and emotions in place.

     SONG HA YEA, who is a ballad singer, expressed her enthusiasm during her phototime, starting with dynamic poses that showed a differet side of her than the one we know from her songs, making everyone happy to see her. SONG HA YEA will express her youth and aprkle until the end.

      During the first moments of the song lyrics tell us that she likes melancholy – sweet and sad image which gives her, according to her, a prettier appearance. An image that totally sticks to her songs.

      The MV that you are going to discover is full of emotions. As expected everything begins with joy of this new love, of these pleasant moments which will remain engraved in memories. And then, at certain point, this moment, which is supposed to be a moment of joy, can turn into drama.

(Waiting for the release of the MV)

     Then it was time to listen the live performance of her new title “새 사랑 (Another love).

      For this single, the singer has released physical version of the album in limited ammount. The hotobook consists of just over 40 pages but will gently reveal the beauty of SONG HA YEA.

      SONG HA YEA gives importance to musical charts but also some concerns about them

For the music charts I’m afraid that my voice and the emotions I release will not hurt me“.


     For this comeback, SONG HA YEA has worked very hard and lost some weight, about 4 kilos, to essentially refine her face. The present MC complimented on her beautiful physique.

     The new SONG HA YEA’s song will be released today at 6pm KST on various music sites.

     A word from our reporter: “The young singer knows how to use her voice to convey great emotions

Journalist : Shawn
Reporter : Anaïs P
Photo / Video : Shawn
R/C: Alicja

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