KANG DANIEL: His show has started.

On February 11th, KONNECT Entertainment announced the return of KANG DANIEL with a reality TV show, “Hello, Kang Daniel”.

Since 3 weeks, an instagram account “hello.danielk” has been created and posts various KANG DANIEL photos in the USA.

A week ago, the hello.danielk account and the official sbsmedianet account posted the poster for the show with the date of the first episode which aired on March 4th on SBSF!L and March 7 on SBS MTV.

DANITY ! You can now follow KANG DANIEL‘s adventures in the United States, which also marks the end of his break.

Note that KANG DANIEL should be back this month with music content.

Journalist: Chloé P.
Translator: Louise
Source: SNS Kang Daniel and SBS

One thought on “KANG DANIEL: His show has started.

  • 7 March 2020 at 18 06 00 03003

    Tks for the article about Kang Daneil👍 I enjoyed the show ‘Hello, Daniel’ very much. It was peaceful and beautiful show. Also it gave me a good chance to get to know 25 years old K. Daniel. I look forward to his comeback very much. 💕


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