YUBIN / JEON HYO SUNG: A future collaboration.

YUBIN of the group Wonder Girls and JEON HYO SUNG of Secret, who had a meal together at Five girls, the “group of unlucky girls”, met.

yubin jeon hyo sung
“JEON HYO SUNG and YUBIN have come together for a group project,” a source near from JEON HYO SUNG told XSports News on April 13th. “We are still discussing the details of this project as we are in the early stages of planning.

A YUBIN official source also said: “It is true that YUBIN and JEON HYO SUNG are discussing the group project launched by JEON HYO SUNG“, but added: “There are no plans for the premieres yet phases of the project.

Earlier, media reported that the two women confirmed the release of a duet song and began preparations for the recording. It was confirmed that the two had discussed the project-oriented duo, but it was still in the early stages of planning.

The point of contact between YUBIN and JEON HYO SUNG, who were part of the WONDER GIRLS and SECRET groups, was already found in the group Five girls born in 2005.

Formed through a reality TV program in 2005, Five Girls was a group that included Uee from After School, Yang Ji-won from Spica and singer G-NA. Five Girls prepared for its official debut for two years, but ultimately failed and the members dispersed.

Since then, when members of Five Girls have taken their place in the music industry, their group photos have been re-examined in the past, prompting critics to say it was a “group of unlucky girls “.

Fans who were disappointed not to see the girls debut expressed their wish to see them meet, even now. Although they may not be complete Five girls, YUBIN and JEON HYO SUNG will be able to fulfill the wishes of fans to some extent as they unite in a song.

YUBIN and JEON HYO SUNG created RRR Entertainment and JHS Entertainment, respectively, to be autonomous.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: JHS et RRR Entertainment

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