TREASURE : A cover whistle by treasure!

TREASURE showed their blink side by doing a “whistle” cover in their own way!

The famous song of  Blackpink is revisited by their younger comrades, with a harmonious side between the members in addition to the piano play by DOYOUNG which makes this cover pleasant to listen to.

We were able to listen to the vocals of everyone like YEDAM’s vocal, the famous main vocal of the band which is known by all thanks to the show KPOP STAR and his appearance during the survival of STRAY KIDS.

We also remember HYUNSUK the leader and the main rapper who knew how to put his own style in the rap part and who gave a plus in this cover.

The boys always end up asking the opinion of the teumes ( Fandom):


Hey, everybody, did you see our video today? What was it like?

Save energy by looking at it!!! Courage for this week


 Journalist: Nour
Translator: Nour

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