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ONF: A cosmic journey

The boysband ONF, from WM ENTERTAINMENT, makes his comeback with his 5th mini album, SPIN OFF.


Composed of members E-TION, HYOJIN, J-US, MK, U and WYATT, it is during an online press showcase that the group unveils his new seven-track album, carried by the title song “Sukhumvit swimming” . The showcase begins with the performance of this title, before the MV is broadcast. With a good mood, the boys perform the flip bottle challenge, which consists of throwing a filled bottle in the air to make it falls straight on the floor. Proud of their success, the members get ready and the music starts, reggae sounds are coming out strongly. The song is meant to be light, the choreography soft but dynamic, all in a cosmic atmosphere using screens projecting images of planets behind the group. The music video also recalls this atmosphere, with some other inspirations such as cowboys’.

Once the MV is broadcast, the members go back on stage to introduce themselves to the journalists. Smiling, they express their joy to present this new mini album, the first since the show “Road to kingdom” which led them to the final against other male groups. They hope that they had attracted enough attention during their participation. For this comeback, they just want to have fun and enjoy while providing quality work. The organically connected songs from this mini album can be heard in a more colorful way, and the members participation is higher than their previous works, complementing the more solid colors of ONF.

“Entitled Spin off, this new album is like the continuation of a film, linking all our titles and all our albums together, being the continuity of the same story.” – J-US


E-TION reveals that during the filming of the MV, he had to jump on a trampoline to simulate the footsteps of astronauts in space. Once scared of the jumps he had to do, he finally got used to it and enjoyed doing it. U then shows some dance steps which simulate waves, when they sing “Swimming“. For J-US, since their debut three years ago, his most memorable memory is their participation in “Road to kingdom“. HYOJIN backs up his point by saying that it allowed them to learn new things and experience different concepts.

WYATT confesses to have been very surprised when earring the title “Sukhumvit swimming“, but with hindsight, he said to himself that it was a particular title for a group with a particular name and that it suited perfectly in the end. Since it’s a new style that the members are bringing to us, they feel they have worked a lot harder, but it was just as much fun as the other comebacks. In particular, MK and WYATT were involved in writing and composing almost all of the tracks on the album.

“The first time we heard our title song, I thought it was perfect for the summer, because it had a refreshing vibe even though its style is different from what we’ve done so far.” – E-TION & U

Putting an end to the discussion part, the group performs the title “Geppetto” which is more dynamic than the title song, with a different atmosphere. If the choreography of “Sukhumvit swimming” has aquatic inspirations, this one has more aerial movements. The chorus consists of the phrase “You are my Geppetto, but I’m not your Pinocchio“, which expresses a desire for independence. Once the performance is finished, ONF expresses their strong desire to obtain the first place in a musical program and to hold a first concert, even a world tour. The members thank the journalists present one by one, hope to receive good feedback, and wish everyone to be in good health. They leave the stage by announcing a showcase for fans on the same day, on the V Live app.


This fifth mini album contains the following tracks:

  1. Sukhumvit swimming : “It consists of running through an unknown space that connects you and me. It’s unclear if this place is the parallel world story of the Utopia’s diary that we were looking for in real life.” It is a song with reggae background, trap sounds and bass sounds which have been combined to create a new musical color. The active participation of members MK and WYATT in the composition of the song allows a more elegant music.
  2. Belle epoque“: ONF travels in time and returns to the past. With this title, which means a good time in the past, the song recalls the first kiss, which is only once for everyone. To bring out the harmony of the voices, the instruments were simple and focused on soft sounds rather than provocative ones.
  3. Geppetto“: It’s a song that tells the story of the Pinocchio fairy tale with the musical color of ONF. The song is about Pinocchio, who became a human, leaving Geppetto, who created him, to get to know himself. This title allows us to question whether we are someone’s Pinocchio or Geppetto. This story about Pinocchio’s awakening, not just the Pinocchio rebellion, poses the same question to all of us.
  4. Good Good“: Recalls a party on a cool summer day with 808 bass sounds and relaxed rhythms.
  1. Cactus“: The title with the simplest instrumentalisation among ONF songs. A feature of the song is the moderate presence of the voices of the members, which calmly and brightly convey sad content.
  2. Message“: This track is known to the public, as it was released in February on YouTube as a “message” dedicated to fans of the group. The members sing together to deliver this message with the group’s implicit stories.
  3. New world (Spin off ver.)“: The song prepared for the finale of the show “Road to kingdom“, has been rearranged for this album. While using many heavy black words, the lyrics contain hopeful content: “you and I can step out of the dark and harsh reality and go to the new world we dreamed of“.

Find the boysband’s comeback below:

The words of our reporter: “With unusual sounds, “Sukhumvit swimming” should easily find its audience curious to travel in the world of ONF who have demonstrated their abilities with their appearance on the program “Road to kingdom”. Not being a reggae fan, it is however a title that I will put in my playlist! “

Journalist: PILLET Anaïs
R / C: Lyva
Photos: WM Entertainement
Sources: WM Entertainement, KSTATION TV

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