WEI: The “i” version is strong and harsh

Group WEI has published its first individual photos.


WEI, consisting of JANG DAE HYUN, KIM DONG HAN, YOO YONG HA, KIM YO HAN, KANG SEOK HWA and KIM JOON SEO have unveiled all of their individual photos for their debut mini-album “IDENTITY: First sight” on their official SNS on September 16th and 17th.

The first concept photos were the “i” version, which grabbed attention with an all-black fashion from the members of WEI. In a dark atmosphere as a whole, the individual charms were revealed.

First, individual photos of DAE HYEON, YOHAN and JUNSEO were unveiled, heralding the birth of a visual group. Then, DONGHAN, YONGHA and SEOKHWA, whose chic and melancholy eyes are attractive, were posted one after another.

For the “WE” version, expectations are high as to the concept that will capture the eyes and minds of fans around the world.


WEI‘s debut mini album “IDENTITY: First sight“, featuring its own musical identity, will be available on music sites before 6pm on October 5th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: OUI Entertainment

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