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GOT7: DEF.’s busiest year.

After opening his personal Instagram account, showcasing both his true self and his own solo activities via his DEF. persona, GOT7 leader and ØFFSHORE member LIM JAEBEOM had a very busy year.

Let’s review his activities so far!

JAYB for Allure magazine.

JAYB was an Yves Saint-Laurent ambassador, he appeared on several magazines’ cover like MAPS, Sudsapda, Nylon, or even our personal favorite his cover for Allure, and an amazing article written by Devon Abelman, where he discussed his path as an artist juggling between public exposure and his secret garden, the genre-bending tracks he has been releasing in both Kpop group GOT7 and KHH/KR&B collective ØFFSHORE, but also his fashion style freed from the obtuse shackles of the industry as well as societal toxic masculinity.

But he did not stop there, aside from appearing in various magazines, 2020 was a busy for DEF., and JAYB, music-wise.

Starting with ØFFSHORE, DEF. participated in the collective’s second album “Scene #2” released in March. He also released a double-single titled “Cut #1” in June, with fellow ØFFSHORE crewmate and rising talent JUNNY. We covered both topics – for more news, please refer to our previous articles.

SCENE #2 album cover
CUT #1 single cover

He also participated in the “DYE” album, released by GOT7 on April, and most recently featured on KR&B artist JEEBANOFF’s remix album released last month. He is also the lyricist and composer of one of GOT7 latest title track, ØFFSHORE and DEF. are both credited for the song “Last Piece“.

The songs were overall well received by many, attracting new fans and casual listeners. Some even rose high on Korean and international charts such as the double-single “Cut #1” which reached first place in various iTunes charts or his latest collaboration with JEEBANOFF through the song “Callin’” which reached number 6 on MelOn’s R&B/Soul Hit Tracks chart. “Last Piece” also reached various Korean charts’ top 5.

DEF. definitely used this year to grow and better himself as an artist, be it in composing songs, in his production, lyric writing and singing skills but also in more unexpected fields, such as photography – a long time hobby he has always shared with bandmates, fans and enthusiasts across the world.

This parting within himself, between his personas, JAEBEOM has been very vocal and clear about it, even stating: “The name JB reflects more of what the company had in mind when GOT7 first came about rather than my own opinion. I was already using the name of Defsoul back than and I think of it as myself. I think it’s a name that I can use to share more honest candid stories of my own.”

Earlier this week, the GOT7 official twitter account revealed enigmatic teasers for DEF.’s first exhibit. DEF. himself confirmed it thanks to the video down below, announcing his soon-to-be-held event. He expressed the feeling of loneliness that is at the very root of his desire to hold an exhibit showcasing “photo taken when I (Def.) was feeling lonely but through a happy lens. […] I hope it would bring inspiration and consolation in your life.”*

This exhibit is hence entitled “ALONE.” and will take place for 6 days from October, 6 to October 12 in the Erolpa Café, Seoul.

Fans quickly took over their social medias accounts to express their excitement; sharing jokes, screens, edits and memories of the latter’s path, all under the hashtags #ALONE and #Def_First_Exhibition, that trended worldwide yesterday.

Here are a few examples:

This exhibit will be hosted and organized by DEF. himself.

His music collaborations did not stop there. He also features on the song “Dream” from WAVYCAKE‘s “REALusion” album as well as Korean R&B singer $ÜN. Both songs were well received by DEF. fans.

DEF. is slowly but surely building himself a reputation as KR&B artist along with ØFFSHORE.

It was overall a very busy for all members of GOT7, packed with solo activities in fields they have expressed interests for, but most importantly for Def.

Let’s congrats them for their hard work this year and let’s wish Def.a lot of success for his next projects.

We cannot wait to see DEF.’s upcoming artistic growth!

Here’s to many more! 2020 still has 4 months to go!


You can check out DEF. and JAYB’s works here:










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