PRODUCE 48 / X101: Candidates affected by the votes manipulated since the first season

The court rules and reveals the participants injured by the manipulation of votes.

As the list of trainees, whose debut was thwarted by the manipulation of the production team’s ranking of “Produce 101” was released, Mnet expressed its position on the process of compensating affected participants.

Mnet said on November 18: “We respect the court ruling and humbly accept the outcome of the ruling. We apologize again for causing social controversy.

He then apologized to the trainees affected by the manipulation of the ranking of the “Produce 101” series, which was revealed, saying, “We cannot help but feel sorry for the victims and their families who have been deeply hurt by us.

“Since the incident, Mnet has been discussing compensation for damages to victims she identified on her own. Some of the consultations have been completed and some are ongoing. We will take our responsibility until all the victims who came to light during the trial are properly compensated,” they said.

Seoul High Court sentenced producer Ahn Joon Young to two years in prison for fraud and other charges. Some 37 million won in fines were also upheld. CP (Co-producer) Kim Yong Beom, who had previously been sentenced to one year and eight months in prison, was given the same sentence as the first trial.

Producer Ahn is believed to have taken advantage of certain candidates by manipulating viewers’ voting results during the live contest for seasons 1 to 4 of the “Produce 101” series. He is also believed to have received services worth tens of millions of won from entertainment agencies.

Twelve victims have been identified, Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Hye Lin from season 1, Sung Hyun Woo (Limitless) and Kang Dong Ho (Nu’est) from season 2, Lee Ga Eun (Ex-Afterschool) and Han Cho Won from season 3, and Kim Kook Hun (BOY), Lee Jin Woo (Ghost9), Koo Jung Mo (Cravity), Lee Jin Hyuk and Geum Dong Hyun from season 4.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Mnet / KBS


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