THE UNCANNY COUNTER : The Korean drama is on Netflix !

On November 2020, the K-drama started in Korea but for France, the long wait is over : THE UNCANNY COUNTER” (“DEMON CATCHERS” in France) is on Netflix France.

The 16 episodes of the series follow the adventures of a rather special group that work during the day in a noodle restaurant and at night chase demons/evil spirits with their super-abilities to protect humans.

Like many drama, “THE UNCANNY COUNTER” was first a webtoon, under the name of “AMAZING RUMOR” by JANG YI. This Sunday, January 31, 2021, Netflix signs for a little more procrastination for K-drama enthusiasts since the entire season is now available on the platform.

We find in the list of actors: JO BYUNG GYU, who took a part in the K-drama “Who are you: School 2015“, alongside the singer actor YOO JUN SANG, KIM SE JEONG member of GUGUDAN and I.O.I and YEOM HYE RAN.

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: Netflix

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