KANG DANIEL: Photo and video teasers of his upcoming comeback

KANG DANIEL is back on stage! The first teasers for his comeback have just been released.

His social networks offered us three pictures as a first teaser that brings us into the atmosphere of the artist’s new MV. They are indeed rather dark with mainly red and black colors.

The day after the publication of these three pictures, a video was revealed to the Danity. The video contains parts of the MV of the title song called “Paranoia“. The images are accompanied by an instrumental which, once again, gives us a little more details on the style of KANG DANIEL‘s comeback.

6 months after his last mini-album entitled “MAGENTA“, KANG DANIEL is ready to go back on stage with brand new songs. And this is not the only place where we’ll be able to see him! It was recently announced that he would be appearing on the show “Law of the Jungle” and that he would be making his debut as an actor in a new drama.

While waiting for his comeback, you can support KANG DANIEL on Twitter with the hashtag #paranoia.

Come on February 16th at 6:00 pm to discover the MV of “Paranoia” by KANG DANIEL.

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Journalist: Louise
Translator: Louise
Source: SNS officiels KANG DANIEL

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