SPILL THE BEAT : This is REX, and you shouldn’t miss it

A voice that will not leave you indifferent, it is with pleasure that SPILL THE BEAT presents you REX!

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~ KWON Jae Min is REX :

In a cafeteria. It may seem original but that’s where KWON Jae Min started the music. While in university exchange in the United States, he and his friends took their cafeteria as a fresstyle performance stage. This sweet atmosphere and these good memories did not leave the young boy who since 2016 until today, then aged 21, continues to create music under the name of REX.


He assumes that his curiosity has led him to change his music style a lot in the past, but that’s what he also wants to do in the future. REX is therefore a versatile artist, guided by his desire and his heart.

“I tell stories of feelings and life experiences” – REX

The young artist tells us that if he could, he would do a collaboration with THE KID LAROI, a very young Australian songwriter, singer and rapper well known for his titles like “WITHOUT YOU“, “WRONG” or “TRAGIC“. And these two artists would do very good work together so hopefully the two come to meet one day.

~ From the new millennium, on the road to inovation:

“Live a rich life doing what I like.” – REX

We can say that REX has a rather full life. In addition to his life as a young adult and the creation of his solo titles. He is also part of a group of 6 people, called MILLENIUM. The group is composed of a keyboardist, guitarist, producer and a drummer.

His youth and his very open mentality, gives him an almost infinite ability and flexibility as an asset. We feel the curiosity of REX and his perfectionist personality in all his titles that each have their own meaning and history.

REX made its mark on SoundCloud with its single “OUR SONG” released 4 months ago on the platform.

“I expressed the difficult process of breaking up with my lover.” – REX

His title is even more precious to his heart because it is his first official release. A track that he loves so much that he is currently preparing a new version of “OUR SONG“, which will be released in a few days, which will start the arrival of his album scheduled for next summer.

~ An artist ready to make his voice heard:

“I’m going to focus on releasing the album this year. If I have a chance, I would like to do a good collaboration!” – REX

This album, REX describes it as a pop-punk style and he plans to release it this summer 2021.

“Thanks for your interest in my music and get ready for the release of “OUR SONG” !” – REX

While waiting to be able to travel again with his friends, the artist continues to create his music on Soundcloud and produces content on Instagram so do not hesitate to follow her on the networks!

SoundcloudInstagram – YoutubeMelonGenieBugs

Journalist: Waterice
Translator: Waterice
Source: REX

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    Keep heading up to what you like! Which means full of richness in your life already. 🐈
    Great heart, great soul, great songs!


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