(G) I-DLE: SOOJIN would-have been mean and intimidating

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SOOJIN, a member of the group (G) I-DLE involved in allegations of violence at school, the agency has not yet spoken.


Recently, on an online community and SNS an article evoking the academic career of SOOJIN from (G) I-DLE was published. Author “A” stated that her younger sister was SOOJIN’s classmate in middle school and claimed that her sister was assaulted by SOOJIN.

여자 아이돌 ㅅㅅㅈ 학폭 터트릴 때다. 온 세상 사람이 알아야 한다. 저도 가해자 한 명 빼고 다른 멤버들에겐 죄송할 따름이지만 제 동생이 받았던 시간을 더이상 모른 척할 수는 없을 것 같다 (It is time for ㅅㅅㅈ of (G) I-DLE to take responsibility for its violence. People all over the world should know. I’m just sorry for the other members except the author, but I don’t think I can ignore the weather of what my sister went through.” “ㅅㅅㅈ” refers to the group’s SEO SOOJIN (G) I-DLE.

At the same time, Disclosed SOOJIN’s college graduation album and photos. “It’s not a misunderstanding, but I am a witness and a victim. I cannot let go of my anger because of the ‘bad jokes’ from those who do not know what SOOJIN did.

According to A, SOOJIN intimidated her younger sister and her friends.

“My younger sister struggles every day and everywhere she hears her sing. This is not wrong, so there is nothing wrong with filing a complaint.”

A has announced that she will organize, prepare and make additional disclosures. As a result, SOOJIN fans were shocked at the incredible news. The public is also watching whether this is true or not, to know how to react.

Currently, SOOJIN’s agency, Cube Entertainment, could not be reached on this matter.

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Translator: Shawn

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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