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Here is a summary of what happened in B.I.G‘s news, this week.


B.I.G is a group under the GH entertainment, they made their debut in 2014 with the song “Hello”.
B.I.G have stood out thanks to their covers of arabic songs since 2019 but the group also covered some other foreigner songs as the japanese song “Lemon”GUNMIN and HEEDO also participated to the cover of the song “Con Calma” made by the group 3YE. Also now, GUNMIN is a member pf the japanese-korean group, NIK, from the program, G-EGG.

Monday, February 15th

GUNMIN posted on his Instagram account, three new photos of himself.

Wednesday, February 17th

JINSEOK posted a cute video on his TIKTOK account.


😒 #진석 #jinseok #틱톡 #daily #fyp #♥

♬ 형민이가 만들었지롱 – 형민

ONEWORLD Entertainment‘s Twitter account has posted a video in which all the members of the group appear. The boys are sending a message to the fans in view of their 4th online Fansign which will take place on February 27th and 28th, 2020.

Thursday, February 18th

JINSEOK posted a new TIKTOK, on the popular song of the application “Countdown”. 


냠냠😋 #다이어트는내일부터 #funny #fyp

♬ CountDown – T.M.T

Friday, Febryary 19th

GUNMIN appeared as a guest, in a Youtube video on the 미만잡TV channel, the artist SOYA from the same agency as B.I.G also appeared alongside him.

Journalist : Chris
Translator : Chris
Sources : B.I.G SNS, ONEWORLD Entertainment SNS, 미만잡TV SNS

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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