BIGFLO : LEX was happy to meet his fans online

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LEX met his fans online during a fansign event for his first solo album untitled « 10 & GOING ».


LEX is the main vocal of BIGFLO. He made his solo debut on 11 January with the title track « SIP » and he will make his debut soon as an actor in the web drama « You make me dance » on 26 February.

On 20 and 21 February, LEX met his fans during his first solo fansign online, and it was a pleasure to attend it. I failed at not being nervous, but I spent a great time and it was nice talking to a wonderful person like LEX.

I asked him how he felt about meeting his fans online. He said that he was happy to see everyone even though it would have been great to talk in person as well, and he wished that it would be possible after the pandemic. It reminded me how much I would like to come back to Korea and I shared it with him. I also told him that it was my first fansign ever, and after a few seconds, a person from the staff told us that the time was over.

It’s obvious that one minute to talk is short, but you fully realize how short it really is when you’re experiencing it. And to make it happen, I had to go through several steps that I will share with you.

What is an online fansign?

A fansign is a really good marketing tool in the k-pop industry. It’s a great opportunity for the artists to promote their albums while meeting directly with their fans. But with the pandemic, the companies had to find a solution, and that’s how online fansigns were made possible, giving everyone around the world the chance to talk to their favorite idols.

How to attend an online fansign?

Depending on the artists, there can be various ways to attend. Some companies choose to draw the lucky winners among the fans who bought an album. Other companies, like LEX‘s company, let the fans buy their tickets online.

LEX‘s fansign was held by Oneworld Entertainment and the tickets were sold on Star Alpha’s website, with a maximum of 5 per person.

One ticket was 4,000 yens with 220 yens of fees and the exchange rate. This brings us to 35 euros (or 42 USD) including one minute of talking, a digital poster, a signed photocard sent by mail in Korea and Japan, and sent to your e-mail address if you don’t live in one of those two countries. The people who bought 5 tickets simultaneously get a special price: one original selfie and a 10-second video with a personalized message. Fortunately, everything was explained in English on the website.

What happens once you have your ticket?

The translators online will become your best friends because the company will only communicate the information in Japanese.

The fansign progresses in order, so they will send to each participant their number through e-mail and ask for some information such as your order number, your customer name, the number of tickets that you bought, the chosen date, and the name to write on the signed postcard. After that, you will talk with them exclusively through Line or Skype according to the platform that you’re using. And the D-Day, they will send you the link to join ZOOM on that platform.

The D-Day

The company will send you the link 5 minutes before your meeting. After clicking this link, you will enter a waiting room, and before talking with your idol, you will talk with a person from the staff in Korean to check if your camera and microphone are working. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Korean, the person will simply ask you your name (이름 or ireum in romanized), confirm your order number, and remind you how long you will be able to talk to the artist. Then you will be directly connected with your idol.

Now, I just have to wait for my digital poster, my signed photocard, and of course, LEX‘s upcoming web drama « You Make Me Dance ».


Of course, those steps work with Oneworld Entertainment, but all the companies probably follow more or less the same procedure.

If you’ve been to an online fansign, feel free to share your experience. We will be happy to read it.

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Journalist: Florence
Translator: Florence
Sources: Oneworld Entertainment, SNS LEX

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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