SEVENTEEN: Was MINGYU violent at school?

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While MINGYU, a member of the group SEVENTEEN, was cited as the perpetrator of violence at school, his agency responded, claiming it was “false facts”.


A Pledis Entertainment agency official told YTN Star on February 22nd: “Based on the statements made, the claim is baseless and patently false,” adding, “We don’t understand what the intent of this claim is. “

The college photo album presented by accuser “A”, who accused MINGYU of violence at school, is a different album from MINGYU‘s graduation year.”A” wrote that MINGYU had been with him in third year of college outside MINGYU had been trainee at Pledis Entertainment since his second year of college.

Earlier today, on an online community network, an article titled “I expose Kim X-kyu, a member of SeXX, a male idol of Iljin.

Author “A” said, “Kim X-kyu was one of these so-called “Iljin” groups. When I was in the first year of middle school, I noticed all the situations where I was verbally assaulted. by creepy kids, like the one where he threw a cola bottle cap in my face and laughed.

After successfully passing the auditions, I received an SMS asking me to save 5,000 won by tomorrow because he did not have money for transportation to the practice room. He took the money from me and took me to the roof and got angry.” “A” added.

At the end of the article, “A” released his high school graduation album, but the article was deleted.

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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