BERRYGOOD: Two members leave the group

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GOWOON and SEOYUL from BERRYGOOD group left the group at the end of their contract.

The BERRYGOOD agency, J.T.G. Entertainment, said on its official website on February 22nd,

GOWOON and SEOYUL have decided to end their official activities as a member of BERRYGOOD and to embark on a new path due to the expiration of their contract.”

We hope that SEOYUL and GOWOON, who have worked as a member of BERRYGOOD, will be filled with hope for their future, while thanking the two young women for their continued support and love,” it added.

In addition, “JOHYUN and SEHYUNG will continue their activities as singers as well as actresses and entertainment personalities,” he said. “JOHYUN is expected to return in March, as the lead actress in the movie ‘Hypnosis’, and we hope that SEHYUNG will also look forward to activities as an actress and artist.

I sincerely thank you for liking BERRYGOOD’sGOWOON,” GOWOON said on her Instagram. “Now I’m afraid to come back to Moon Yoo Jung, and not as BERRYGOOD’s GOWOON, because I liked BERRYGOOD a lot. I’m so sorry and grateful to the fans until the end. Dear members, you have done a great job. It was precious to be together. Thank you for always being by my side. I hope you will continue to support me for what I wanted to do and what I want to do with this other start.

SEOYUL also said on her Instagram: “You who have been by my side are like precious gifts that cannot be taken away from me. Thank you for supporting me with a sincere heart. BERRYGOOD, thank you very much for walking this journey together thanks again.”

We were clumsy, but we took a step forward together, and I’m so proud and grateful to the members who have endured this work and its efforts so far. Most days were happy being part of BERRYGOOD, but there were times when I was heartbroken. Now I’m going to start over with these unforgettable memories in my head. I want you to cheer me up with my fresh start.

BERRYGOOD made their debut in the music industry as a five-member girl group by releasing their only album “LOVE LETTER” in 2014.

Journaliste : Shawn
Source : J.T.G Entertainment

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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