Friday, September 29, 2023
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LEE SEUNG HYUB: Solo debut for this N.Flying’s member

LEE SEUNG HYUB, leader of the FNC ENTERTAINMENT band N.FLYING also known as J.DON, is making his solo debut today with the single ON THE TRACK.

It is during an online showcase on YouTube that the singer presents his very first single, accompanied by another member of the group, HWESEUNG, as an MC for the showcase. SEUNG HYUB begins by presenting his single, with titles similar to a signature, his own mark. The single consists of three songs, which the artist hastens to describe, after each has been broadcast in its entirety.
1) “Clicker”: music mixing funky sounds from the 1980s and groovy hip-hop from the 1990s. Accompanied by a guitar and an organ, the lyrics speak of a mechanism, called clicker, which would, once activated, change all negative emotions into positive emotions.
2) “Moon and cheese“: a hip-hop song that combines groovy rhythms with vintage sounds and electric guitar. The lyrics, autobiographical, narrate the story of a trip to the moon in search of cheese, and are filled with metaphors and connotations, stimulating the imagination and curiosity of listeners. He reveals that it is a title that he imagined one day, while he was taking the bus, hearing the wind seep through one of the windows of the vehicle, before meeting one of his former professors of private institute. He chose this title as his favourite title in the single.
3) “Superstar (Feat. CHEEZE)“: The singer CHEEZE harmonizes with the singer in this title with lyrics telling how to become someone unique, like a “super star”, in the eyes of others, all highlighted by an electric guitar.

SEUNG HYUB participated in the composition of the three tracks, explaining that they are important to him, in addition to being part of his first single. Once presented, the young man answers a few questions from the journalists attending his showcase. He wanted his beginnings to be dynamic, like the title “Rooftop” of his band, N.FLYING, while trying to stand out. He chose to highlight his feelings and beliefs in this first single in order to be able to impact the spirits, he hopes. Six years after starting with his group, he is now looking to develop his own path.

“I was very worried about my solo debut, but I received the support of a lot of people around me.” – SEUNG HYUB

The music video for “Clicker” is broadcast, reflecting a colorful atmosphere, featuring the artist in various and varied situations, such as rocker, scientist or construction worker. Inside, he seems to be looking for an answer to the question “how to be me?”. Smiling, he reveals that shooting his music video took longer than shooting one with his band, when he was alone. In addition, the members of N.FLYING came to see him during the preparation of this single, which helped motivate him, and brought him courage for his debut. He then takes the opportunity to thank HWESEUNG at his side, and the showcase closes. The singer hopes that his first single will attract attention, and that it will appeal to the band’s fans.

The words of our reporter: “Fresh and dynamic. This is how I define this artist and his solo debut before a promising first title which I hope will be successful.”

Journalist: Pillet Anaïs
Photos: FNC Entertainment
Sources: KSTATION TV, FNC Entertainment

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