KANG IAN : Single album is out !

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Introduced on SPILL THE BEAT, the singer-songwritter KANG IAN unveils his new official single album “원래 그랬어” (Like it was).


Since his EP “EPISODE” in 2020, KANG IAN focused on producing non-official songs for Soundcloud. After working as a guitarist and producer for some KPOP groups, he finally take a time for his solo career. And it’s following this path that  “원래 그랬어” was born.

He describes his new song:

“The song is about the “change”of someone’s habits or life circle for lover’s time. The song tells about how I was like and how someone else was like (while in a relationship) but now we broke up I am back as the one that I used to be before” – KANG IAN

KANG IAN as always produced everything, but he had a small team of artists who helped him and he credits: The bass has been done by PARK JIWON (@z_one_b) piano by KIM SUMI (@sumii95_p), mix and mastering by SUTT (@spidey26_) and cover designed by  Space Vibes Concepts (@spacevibes.concepts). 

On SPILL THE BEAT, KANG IAN have told us that he will be back around March/April, he kept his promise ! Still many projects on going for the young artist so do not forget to follow him on social medias. And if you have not seen it before, here is the interview of KANG IAN on SPILL THE BEAT:

SPILL THE BEAT: KANG IAN towards a totally different style of music and visuals

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This post is also available in: Français (French)

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