SPILL THE BEAT: towards a totally different style of music and visuals

A most inspiring journey, and an engaging atmosphere, here is KANG IAN.

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KANG IAN is a Korean artist who’s very promising. Perfectionist and workaholic as a producer singer and since early 2020 designer, he steps on the Korean scene.

In his windowless studio where he spends days and nights, he is an artist who deserves a look.

Inspired by all kind of arts, and guided by his emotions, his first EP “EPISODE” was released on January 22m 2020 and is organized on a well-thought-out-basis.

“EPISODE” is the first EP I made from start to finish. Each music, and lyrics were created by myself. I also mixed and designed the cover of the album.”


Multi-task, KANG IAN tells us how he designed his EP.

“EPSIODE” is an album about corny love story. Time periods are like“ROSE” from the first time meeting a stranger, “TALK!” is likely falling in love and “EVERYDAY” is more about the relationship getting serious. “FANTASY” is kind of a deep love and dirty talks between th elovers and getting cool down with “LOOP”“. – KANG IAN


With softness, the artist KANG IAN returns to his first steps in music more than 10 years ago now…

From a very young age his mother taught him the basics of the classical piano, then took him to piano lessons at the age of 8. It is at this moment that a link is forged between him and the music.

At 14 he becomes a member of an orchestral group at school. At this moment a declic in his deep inside occurs and listening to orchestra music he decides: he wants to become a musician, he is then 15 years old. He is also interested in the world of broadcast for missions like YOU HEE-YEOL’S SKETCHBOOK.

After studying at one of the best school of arts and performance and a very busy musical past KANG IAN is today a full-time artist solo and producer.

“I’m starting new projects, maybe it will be out in March or April of 2021 and you guys can find me as a totally different type of music and visuals.” – KANG IAN

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