WAYV: TEN, WINWIN and YANGYANG trio in retro hip-hop style

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Following the photo teasers already released, those for the title song “90’s Love” are fully unveiled today.


One of the title songs from part 2 of NCT 2020‘s “RESONANCE” album is called “90’s Love”, and the other will be called “Work it”, whose MV will be available from November 27th. Indeed for this second part of the album, NCT made, on the same model of the first part, a total of two title songs, “90’s Love” is therefore scheduled for November 23rd, at the release of the version “Departure” of the album.

The song announces itself on a hip-hop basis mixing a retro style. Through NCT 2020, NCT is showing fans a whole new image of their group, mixing members from all subunits together, forming one and the same group. The WAYV members then find themselves “scattered” within the same group, seeing themselves being part of various combinations for the different songs on the album.

This is how WINWIN, TEN and YANGYANG come together with JENO (NCT DREAM), HAECHAN (NCT DREAM, NCT 127), MARK (NCT DREAM, NCT 127), and finally SUNGCHAN (New member of NCT) for the unit which will present the title song “90’s Love“.

NCT – « 90’s Love »

NCT 2020 having started its project this year with “RESONANCE Pt.1“, continues its path with this second part of this same album, which will then be in two versions: “Departure“, which will be released on November 23rd, and “Arrival , which will be released, not before November 30th.

In addition, all members of NCT, in the NCT 2020 project, are currently relaying lives on the VLIVE application (South Korean live platform). The members are divided by three, in teams, so that they each take their turn to perform a live of about one hour, every day, to the rhythm of two daily live performances.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS NCT

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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