SUNMI: She validates her status as “Solo queen”

Singer SUNMI will make a comeback in her own right with radio and music shows.


SUNMI will appear on Mnet’s “M Countdown”, which airs today. SUNMI will reveal her comeback performance with her new song “Tail“, released on February 23rd.

SUNMI’s new song “Tail” is a song that compares the delicate and agile characteristics of a cat to the love of an instinctive and confident woman. With a different beat and a catchy tune, the song was written by SUNMI and co-written by successful makers FRANTS, who teamed up with SUNMI in “Porappippam”, “Siren” and “Lalay”.

In particular, “Tail“, which predicted a splendid performance, attracts more expectations for this comeback stage with her haughty moves and unconventional cat-like choreography. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez dancer and choreographer, Janelle Guinstra, choreographer of “Tail“, and the Aura dance team, who have long worked with SUNMI, added details.

In addition, SUNMI will appear on SBS Power FM (107.7 MHz) “Cultwo Show”, which will air at 2:00 pm on this 25th. SUNMI will appear on the show in order to communicate with listeners in real time, reflecting on live stories. behind the scenes on her new song.

The new song “Tail“, released on February 23rd, topped the Bugs and Genie charts on the day of its release. Confirming her status as “Solo Queen” by placing at the top of current musical charts called “Concrete Chart”.

SUNMI continued his career as an artist of unparalleled musicality, successfully completing a three-part series comprising “Gashina”, “Heroine” and “Siren”. SUNMI, which captivated audiences with its unconventional stage performance and differentiated concept, is loved by many for its “Sunmi Pop”, which firmly contains its own identity.

SUNMI will appear on SBS Power FM (107.7 MHz) “Cultwo Show” at 2pm and Mnet “M Countdown” at 6pm on February 25th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Abyss Company

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