Saturday, December 2, 2023
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JACKSON WANG : Launching the month of March with a collaboration with RAIN

JACKSON WANG is coming back with an exclusive collaboration with RAIN.

Teaser for Rain and JACKSON WANG’s “Magnetic” collaboration | Source : TEAM WANG’s Weibo

On March 2nd, Sublime Artist Agency, TEAM WANG, RAIN and JACKSON collectively announced on their platforms the collaboration between the two singers: the Chinese performer will be featuring on RAIN‘s single “Magnetic” from his new album “PIECES by RAIN” that will be released on March 3rd at 6PM.

While JACKSON‘s featuring was only revealed a day before the release of the album, the two artists have not failed to leave clues here and there. Indeed, on the line of the announcement of his collaboration with CHUNGHA, RAIN also released other teasers, including one with JACKSON on Instagram. Although his name was omitted, netizens immediately associated the sound to his unique and husky tone.

JACKSON himself initiated the reveal during his first VLIVE as a partner of Sublime Artist Agency where he announced  the collaboration with a Korean artist that would release in March.

With these different teasers, the two singers managed to draw attention from the general public who did not fail to notice the name of four labels on the teaser: RAIN Company, Sublime Artist Agency, TEAM WANG and RYCE ENTERTAINMENT. It was also revealed that JACKSON participated in the composition of the track.

While we wait for his next two collaborations as well as his own single expected for March, we can already tune in at 6PM for “Magnetic” and enjoy his latest single “Alone” .

Journalist: Catherine
Translator: Catherine

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