APINK: PARK CHORONG apologizes for drinking alcohol while underage

PARK CHORONG apologizes for drinking alcohol when she was underage. However, she still denies the assault allegations at school.


PARK CHORONG said on his Instagram on April 6:

“Hello, this is PARK CHORONG.

I’m sorry to salute you for something bad.

First of all, before I explain this recent accident, I’m sorry that I hurt you with the photos posted for my drinking while I was underage, I hurt everyone who supported me because of of my senseless and wrong behavior in my childhood.

I sincerely apologize.

Several events recently occurred at the end of February and have been going on for about a month.

I have gone to great lengths to communicate smoothly, but I am sorry I did not manage to do so.

I have read the information and interviews about me that were reported yesterday. Although it became a big deal due to some misunderstanding, I still remember spending time with my friends from elementary school to high school and playing with them, so I remembered. smells even worse and this is indescribable.

But I would like to repeat again that I am innocent to the end of these false statements.

I have never slapped, undressed or assaulted like Kim claims.

In this regard, we will do our best to clarify my innocence based on the testimony and the transcript of the phone call with Kim.

Finally, I’m sorry to have been very hurtful to the fans who have supported me for 10 years.

I was afraid that my sincere words and actions would make me feel at fault because of this incident, and I was afraid to disappoint the fans who believed in me and supported me.

I’m sorry to all the members, our fans, our company and anyone who helps me out.

We apologize for sharing this news with our fans and members on the occasion of our 10th anniversary, and we sincerely apologize.”

While PARK CHORONG sued Kim, this person claimed to have been the victim of violence at school, by spreading false information and attempted coercion, Kim also sued PARK CHORONG on false charges.

Journalist: Emma
Translator: Shawn

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