G-DRAGON: Talks about his vision of the artistic world and his work on music

For their 13th anniversary, DAZED magazine has teamed up with G-DRAGON and the fashion house Chanel.

In the accompanying interview, G-DRAGON explained how he started working with Chanel, his vision of the artistic world and what he is currently working on. About his work with Chanel, he said:

Everyone has a different image of Chanel, but I like to have fun with clothes and like to try on unexpected things. Starting with Chanel, ‘luxury’ fashion brands no longer limit themselves to typical borders. It’s not just me, but the idea of “clothes for men and women” is gone. I find it all interesting and fun.

G-DRAGON has also stated that he has been working on music since completing his military service. Asked what he had recently written down in his phone, he replied:

Rather than notes, I’m focusing a lot on music and working on stuff for BIGBANG these days, so I’m looking for musical keywords related to that and writing lyrics. I spend my time, most of my notes are related to it.

During the photoshoot, G-DRAGON created his own piece of art and talked about his vision of the artistic world.

I think in terms of image, that’s why I’m so interested in clothes. There’s a reason for some weird but cool things, so I think if I try a little bit of everything I can develop more. what works for me and what I like. Rather than “developing” it just gets easier. The style will continue to change, but I have become more comfortable after choosing the exact theme of my current style. How do I say that? I feel like the “freshness” is becoming mine. You start to care less about trends.”

An interview that makes us all impatient to hear the future of G-DRAGON and BIGBANG!


Journalist: ipadjeµ
Translator: Shawn
Source: Dazed

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