VAV : AYNO turns 25 years old.

Today, we are not only celebrating the beginning of May, but also the birthday of VAV‘s visual, main dancer and rapper AYNO !

@ayno.vav on instagramNoh YoonHo, also known under the stage name AYNO, was born in 1996 and was put under the spotlight at a young age. Before becoming a trainee, he started his carreer as a child model and also played in adds. He then joined the agency Starship entertainment where he almost debuted with the group BOYFRIEND, which didn’t happen because of his young age at the time. After that, he will participate in the YouTube show “Deokspatch”, a reality show created for the people to get to know more about the trainees who will all take part in the survival show “No Mercy” which created the group MONSTA X. However, he will be eliminated during the ninth episode.

If we count everything, AYNO has been a trainee for 9 years. After leaving Starship entertainment, he joined HappyFace entertainment’s trainees program where he met ZIU, and they’ll both later join Ateam entertainment, to debut on February 17 2017 with LOU, as the new VAV members with the song “Venus.

AYNO is gifted with a lot of sensibility, but also uniqueness that he shares through his many solo songs. He often raps about the different things he had to go through and his feelings, and that makes us understand that writing lyrics is a way to help him go through reality. He composed many songs such as “Not okay, “Bite my nails“, “CPR“, or recently “No lie“. AYNO is also known as the “4D” member of the group, because of the fact that he thinks of himself as an alien, but also because of his funny pictures and videos he posts on his SNS where he is very active. Of course, he doesn’t only posts funny stories and videos, he also shares a lot of videos where he dances, alone or with other members.

About his relationship with VAV, AYNO is very close to all the members, especially JACOB who was born the same year as him, they even call their duo “Jayno”. Besides that ship name, he announced that his ideal type would be someone just like his hyung ACE, which probably brought sorrow to LOU who said that if AYNO was a woman, he would have chose him as his ideal type. In the dormitory, he used to share his room with BARON before he left to do his military service. Since then, he removed BARON‘s bed and is now sharing his room with his hundreds of pairs of Vans.

We wish a happy birthday to AYNO, and of course, a lot of happiness and success in the future !

You can find AYNO on instagram (@ayno.vav), on tiktok (@ayno0501), or on VAV’s official SNS !

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source: SNS de AYNO

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