Saturday, September 30, 2023
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ATEEZ : The group is now a dangerous opponent in show “Kingdom”

On April 29th, during the 5th episode of “Kingdom: Legendary War”, ATEEZ was able to show a great and unique cover of one of iKON‘s title-songs.


ATEEZ members had already revealed that they were iKON fans and since this group has so many great songs, they took the opportunity to cover one of iKON‘ songs for the second stage. They chose the popular song  “RHYTHM TA” that reminds memories from trainee days for ATEEZ‘s members. To show a unique concept, the group decided to add classical music to the original song and create a performance entitled “The Awakening of Summer”.

ATEEZ, was inspired by the popular “La Casa de Papel” and appeared as a group of anarchist guys dreaming of a place where art, music and dance were not controlled. The members tried to change their appearance to suit this concept and created a powerful performance with the use of props, accessories such as scary masks and a great production that could be seen in a movie or a drama.


A lot of details and small elements were there to highlight this perfomance and everything went along well with the concept to bring the audience in this unique story. The members acted perfectly to keep a good storyline and they all showed what they got in their individual parts and shots. Leader HONGJOONG, who also stands in front of a group of anarchist people, starts its speech by saying “Open your eyes” keeping a high tension for the end of the performance. After that part, the grand finale of this performance shows the group’s members and their dancers performing a cool choreography while banker’s bills were flying everywhere, putitng an end to this holdup.

As a result to this amazing performance, ATEEZ came at the first place after the experts and the groups votes for this second stage. The group also topped the chart after the first stage proving that it is a great opponent for the other teams. The members were able to be recognized for their talent. Even the original artist, iKON, said : “It was not “RHYTHM TA”, but one of ATEEZ’ songs. It was different. That was cool.”.

We are more than ready to see what ATEEZ can show us in the next stages before preparing for the show’s finale.

Journalist : Solène
Translator : Solène
Source : Mnet / KQ Entertainment

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