A.C.E: are they ready for the USA?

The possibility of targeting the North American K-pop market has been opened to the group A.C.E ahead of its fourth anniversary.


North American K-pop service TheQoos (CEO Han Ga-ram) announced on the 9th after examining the capabilities of A.C.E in the U.S. market and the tendency of local “CHOICE” (fandom).

The data included the distribution of CHOICE by city, keywords representing A.C.E among U.S. CHOICE and general K-pop fans, and how A.C.E-loving U.S. fandom consumes content. It also analyzed and visualized the positive and negative views of global fandom toward A.C.E and implemented them in the form of dashboards that can be used for risk management.

A.C.E has about 50,000 fans in The Qoos. Users who support A.C.E within the app have been steadily rising since last summer, and have been standing out since January.

American CHOICE have been found in New York and Los Angeles, which are concentrated in large numbers in K-pop fandom, as well as Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. In addition to A.C.E, they also liked ATEEZ Tomorrow X Together.  In addition, ONF and UP10TION’s fandom showed interest in A.C.E.

Most American CHOICE, like foreign fandom, consumed A.C.E‘s content on Twitter and YouTube, but they also showed a difference from other fandoms. “CHOICE uses less YouTube instead of more than 10% of Twitter compared to regular K-pop fandom,” The QOOs said. “CHOICE has a particularly large number of followers between the ages of 23 and 30 compared to fandoms that follow boy groups ,” he explained.

Among the words used by K-pop fans in expressing ace in YouTube, and various communities in the U.S. over the past six months were “Performance,” “Sexy,” “Handsome,” “BTS,” “Cute,” “Down,” “Fave Boyz,” and “Steve Aoki.”

The Qoos, is a company that aims to promote K-pop and K-culture in the U.S. market, collects content of K-pop idols through YouTube videos, Twitter, Instagram, as well as more than 500 content providers worldwide dealing with K-pop. Based on this, they are introducing it to mobile devices used by fandoms living in more than 180 cities, including K-pop fans in the U.S., and looking at their reactions.

Journalist: SUBARU
Translator: SUBARU
Source: THE QOOS

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