NCT DREAM: The comeback is more than spicy

NCT’s youngest member sub-unit, NCT DREAM are back today with their full debut album “HOT SAUCE“.

As announced last month, NCT DREAM released its very first full album called “HOT SAUCE” and therefore on the theme spicy, spicy, and pop at the same time, in short in the colors of the group.

Through various teasers, images and videos, in the form of short short films to introduce the different songs making up the album, NCT DREAM knew very well how to make fans want more and more to discover this comeback.

First, for the song “Dive into you“:

Secondly “Rainbow

Then enter “Diggity

Since three versions of the album had been announced, in addition to the individual versions for the “jewell cases”, we were treated to different teaser images sticking to each of the versions of the album. These versions bear the names “Crazy Jalapeňos“, “Boring Jalapeňos” and finally “Chilling Jalapeňos“, each with a particular style, while emphasizing the style and pop colors of the group. The last teaser images had been released in recent days, to show more of the colors of the MV.

Other teaser images (“Jalapeño! (Scoville 274)”) were also released to show the visuals of the “jewell case” versions of the album, each member will have their version, to the delight of fans who can see each other choose the member they favor.

The group will hold a live showcase on their SNS on the occasion of this comeback, on May 11th, tomorrow. It will take place live via the following link:

The album features a total of 10 songs, some written by the members themselves: “Hot sauce”, “Rainbow”, “My youth” (written by MARK, JENO, JAEMIN, and JISUNG), “Be there for you “(Sung by HAECHAN, RENJUN and CHENLE), “Dive into you“, “ANL“, “Irreplaceable“, “Diggity“, “Rocket” and finally “Countdown (3, 2, 1)“.

This comeback was eagerly awaited by fans of the group, tomorrow, NCT DREAM will reveal more about the concepts and the conception of the album itself.

Journalist: Kimi2171
Translator: Shawn

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