VAV: ACE leaves for his military service

On this day of May 10th, 2021, ACE, the singer of VAV leaves for his military service.


The technique is now well established at VAV, ACE announced his departure a few weeks earlier on the group’s fancafe as BARON had previously done before his service.

Are we living a new tradition at VAV? It seems that every time a member has to leave for a certain period, an event is set up so as not to sadden the fans too much, and to give them the chance to see them one last time. The last time for BARON, the vampz (fans of the group) were treated to a contest with live video calls. This time for ACE, in addition to the comeback with their new digital single “Always“, fans were treated to a fancall event with seats limited to 100 per member, parties in just a few minutes, all transcribed in direct on VLIVE.

Ateam Entertainment also shared various photos on its SNS and those of the group (@vav_official), before the departure of the singer, including a photo where we see the latter doing the military salute with his hair cut, then photos of the group. in full, for his departure. Each member also posted a small photo of himself with ACE, with heartwarming words such as “We will miss you“, “VAV forever“, or “we will wait for you“.

VAV would like to let you know, they are seven and always will be seven, and await as impatiently as the vampz the return of ACE, who will also join BARON who will be his division superior, alongside in addition to Sungjin of DAY6 and Cap of TEEN TOP. ACE is in good hands, and will be back around November 10th, 2022

Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS VAV

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