A.C.E: WOW celebrates his birthday

KIM SEYHOON, A.C.E’s  main rapper and dancer, was born on May 15th, 1993 in Jeolla.


He choses WOW as  stage name because he wants the audience to do “WOW” when he is on stage. In 2012, SEHYOON joined Joy Dance Academy in Gwangju and met Jung Hoseok there, whom he helped a lot in his practice. In 2013 SEHYOON joined the YG entertainment  and stayed there for 1 year to then join CJ & M where he met JUN and DONGHUN his future members.

IN 2015, SEHYOON left CJ E&M for BEAT INTERACTIVE and prepared to debut with the other members of the future A.C.E.

Like the other members of the group, SEHYOON make appearances in several shows and dramas, take part in buskin in the streets of Seoul and posts covers on the group’s YouTube channel to make a little notoriety before being able to debut.

In 2017, the group finally debuts but the success is not there. To boost the group’s popularity,  the members participate in two survivial shows DONGHUN, SEHYOON and BYEONKWAN at Mixnine on JTBC and YUCHAN and JUNHEE at The Unit on KBS.

Unfortunately, SEHYOON was eliminated during the last episode and finished number 12. Despite his elimination, SEHYOON was noticed; thanks to his ingenious ideas and hard work he goes from position 54 to position 12.

Therefore he returned to A.C.E with the other members wihout CHAN who started again in UnB.

SEHYOON started to write his raps with the Title “Take me higher” which is the 3rd comeback of the group, without YUHCHAN which is in promotion with UnB. He also started  producing with the song “Stand by you

SEHYOON is extremely shy and very reserved,he  but  he becomes  fiery and sexy when he is on stage.

His shyness was to the point where during thegroup  first lives, he did not speak at all and for fun he nicknamed himself “WOW DROID”, but thanks to the members and particularly BYEONGKWAN, he is more and more comfortable with the public and his fans with whom he shares his passion for painting during his lives.

SEHYOON is currently on medical hiatus, let’s wish him a speedy recovery and a very happy birthday.

Journalist: SUBARU
Translator: SUBARU
Source: BEAT Interactive, JTBC

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