TO1: A new displacement for a new future

Turn the ignition key on and start with “Son of beast“.

Group TO1 has just uploaded a video teaser for its comeback and rebirth.

The teaser video of “Son of beast“, the new group title of TO1, brings us a new vision of the group more masculine and powerful. The 10 members of the group JAEYUN, CHIHOON, DONGGEON, CHAN, JISU, MINSU, J.YOU, KYUNGHO, JEROME, and WOONGGI, dressed in racing driver’s outfit, bring us to a garage where there are a few cars with powerful engines. The noise of the engines, the acceleration lets us glimpse the ferocity of the group and the desire to advance faster and further.

In the video, the camera is fixed at equal intervals on each member revealing new visuals, a few seconds later we see a quick shot of the choreography of this new title, showing jerky movements, giving energy to the title.

As a result, TO1 who released all the teaser photos of the B and R version of their debut mini album “RE:BORN” showing a sporty and avant-garde charm through the R version, and a refreshing charisma through the photo version B, is about to pack us up with the latest teasing content.

TO1‘s debut mini album, “RE:BORN“, is an album that contains TO1’s unique musical identity and a message for young people who are leaping to a new tomorrow. The title track “Son of beast” contains TO1’s constant desire to move out into the world with a pop dance genre song featuring varied R&B bases and a groovy theme.

The boys of TO1 will make their comeback with the mini-album “RE:BORN” on May 20th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS TO1

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