Monday, December 4, 2023
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BAMBAM: Teasers to reveal yourself

To start the week, BAMBAM gives us new photo teasers.


Today, May 31st, BAMBAM, a young singer from the ABYSS COMPANY, is posting two new photo teasers on his SNS for his solo debut.

In the first photo, BAMBAM, in a bluish atmosphere, is half hiding behind the decor showing only part of his face. Dressed in a plaid jacket in shades of blue, as well as a sheer tulle top, and to finish off the only accessory the young singer wears is a ring on his index finger depicting a butterfly, this brings us to focus on his face showing only one side of himself.

On the second photo published, which represents a total of 6 photos, BAMBAM destroys the scenery by tearing it up. This allows us to see him fully dressed with shorts and large socks. This moment of unveiling more, leads us to think that BAMBAM wants to show himself as he is, as a unique and talented artist. A way of saying “here I am as I am“.

BAMBAM who made his debut at JYP Entertainment, in the group GOT7, did not renew his contract with this agency and chose to go solo in the agency of the artist Sunmi, ABYSS Company .

BAMBAM will release their first solo album “riBBom”

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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