Friday, December 1, 2023

SF9: On the cover of 1st look magazine

SF9 pose proudly and elegantly on the cover of 1ST LOOK magazine with the other KINGDOM participants for the special edition of “Kingdom: Legendary War”.

The boys of SF9 group have once again posed for the 1st look magazine where they meet on a board of chess games. They are in two teams, the first one; the one above; we find (from left to right) CHANI, JAEYOON, YOUNGBIN and ZUHO as for the second one, TAEYANG, ROWOON, DAWON, INSEONG and HWIYOUNG.  In each of the photos is one of the pieces of the game, the white rider, lying down and another black standing, we can deduce that the boys represent the black pawns who are probably winning.

The boys pose here all together lined up in different outfits while highlighting the silhouette of each. In addition, one can see an emphasis of their size that varies between 1m77 and 1m91. An elegance, a simplicity, a style that defines them well.

Each of the members also posed individually, in portrait, with a background, a different brightness for each. YOUNGBIN is in front of a slightly cloudy sky while INSEONG is in front of a dark and very cloudy sky.  JAEYOON are rather bright background, a sky almost without cloud but ROWOON a very cloudy and very gray sky just like that of DAWONZUHO its sky resembles that of Inseong, very cloudy but black whereas HWIYOUNG it is like that of Jaeyoon, a sky almost without cloud.  TAEYANG is the only one in black and white in front of a background that seems to be like that of Rowoon and Dawon but CHANI is also in color with a black sky and very cloudy.

In addition, FNC Entertainment has published a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot where we can see the boys posed but also gave their impressions on the photo shoot, the band and other. We see once again all their simplicity and especially their complicity that emanates from this video.

SF9 is a FNC Entertainment group consisting of YOUNGBIN, INSEONG, JAEYOON, ZUHO, DAWON, ROWOON, HWIYOUNG, TAEYANG and CHANI.  The latter started with the song “FANFARE” in 2016 but won their first victory in the musical shows thanks to their song “GOOD GUY”.

1st LOOK is a Korean magazine that deals with Korean culture, fashion, beauty and so many others. Many Korean stars, whether idols, models or even actors, posed in this magazine on the cover or in the magazine.  SF9 have posed there several times, in 2019 all together and ROWOON was also on the cover when it was on the show “Lipstick Prince”.

Journalist: Charlène
Translator: Charlène
Source: FNC Entertainment & 1st Look

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