Saturday, December 9, 2023

ONEWE: More mature teasers

Talented boy group ONEWE have released individual photo teasers of its first mini-album since its debut.


At midnight today, ONEWE showed off individual photos of YONGHOON, KANGHYUN and DONG MYEONG for their debut mini album “Planet Nine: ALTER EGO” via the group‘s official SNS, which had the effect of raising expectations. return.

The posted photo showing YONG HOON, wearing a neat white suit with gaze looking down into yours, stirred the hearts of fans. Adding to his visuals as if they came from a pure cartoon.


On the other hand, KANG HYUN catches the eye with his unique mint-colored hairstyle. Plus, his modern beige suit makes her look more mature, creating a deadly charm.

Finally, DONGMYEONG drew attention by showing his sexy charm, as if pure, with wet effect hairstyle, reminiscent of the title song “비를 몰고 오는 소년 (Boy driving rain)“.

As such, ONEWE has announced an unprecedented concept change that encompasses fatality and sex appeal, and much attention is also being paid to concept photos from CYA and HARIN, which will be released later.

ONEWE’s debut mini album “Planet Nine: ALTER EGO“, which will be released by ONEWE, since its inception, contains the identity of ONEWE in unknown areas of the solar system, as well as the meaning contained in the name of the album.


For this debut mini-album, all members participated in the work of it, and ONEWE is expected to show further musical growth across a broad spectrum of music that is not limited to group music. and the varied group performances of ONEWE.

ONEWE will release their debut mini album “Planet Nine: ALTER EGO” on June 16th and make a full comeback.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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