Dads in the Kpop

Doting fathers, strict, loving, caring and present.


In many countries, fathers are celebrated and thanked, if each country has a specific date, whether in November, December, March or January, it is in June that the greatest number of “Father’s Day” takes place. Today we will celebrate Father’s Day by telling you about these dads who are or have been in the Korean musical or artistic world.

For all of these artists, it is always difficult to combine an artist’s life and a private life. So some fathers have to hide it or wait for a certain artistic maturity or number of career years before they can just have the idea of having a child or finally being able to confess their secret life. DONGHO, UKISS’ former member, was one example.


Other artists, on the contrary, don’t hide their “private life”, it is the case in particular of TABLO who has been able to show himself an exemplary father with his daughter who has also become a very famous child on the channels. TV and social networks. Or the super-fast-flowing rapper OUTSIDER or group H.O.T former  member, MOON HEE JUN.

Each father will have his own way of managing, will the child have to be shown to the media and fans or, on the contrary, will he be protected from this promotion. There will be no right or wrong solution, each of them will make the choice that they think is the best.


Some dads have taken on their role of father without yet posting their child on social networks or in the media, this is the case of the singer of the group EXO, CHEN, which has aroused great controversy. From what we can notice, belonging to the “pop” genre, to a group of idols, is more complicated for a family life assumed while being in full activity.

Singers with a fully defined career manage these two facets perfectly, this is the case with JYP or the singer RAIN. Or an artist that we presented to you on SPILL THE BEAT, JEORYUK.

What is certain is that today we celebrate all fathers. A very happy birthday to all these dads.


Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS Artists

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