Saturday, December 2, 2023
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ASTRO: What happens after midnight?

A disco return for a funny summer.


It is on this Monday August 2nd that the group ASTRO of Fantagio Music makes its comeback with its 8th mini-album, “SWITCH ON“.

Composed of members JIN JIN, MJ, CHA EUNWOO, MOONBIN, ROCKY and YOON SANHA, the group unveils its next mini-album called “SWITCH ON“, during a press conference.

It begins with the broadcast of the teaser of “After midnight“, the title song of the album. The group returns after only 4 months after the album “ALL YOURS“. The love and support they received for this previous album allowed the members to go above and beyond to come back so quickly.

“This album is a gift for our fans, to celebrate our six years of existence.” 


The concept of this album is disco and funky-pop, and the boys present themselves with a look and make-up aimed at perceiving them as youthful. MJ takes the microphone to sing part of the chorus, which in his eyes represents the highlight of the song, as well as the accompanying choreography, symbolizing a clock indicating midnight.

MOONBIN, returns to the shooting of the clip that took place at the sea. This shooting brought a nostalgic feeling to the group, their second mini-album, “SUMMER VIBES“, also being shot at the sea. However the torrential rain linked to the monsoon period has continued to postpone the filming this year. By comparing the two albums and associated clips, the group was able to realize its evolution, and the development of its musical imprint. After this brief presentation, ASTRO answered questions from journalists, all present online to respect the reinforced distancing rules, linked to Covid19.

“We hope that this new title will be released in cafes, restaurants, swimming pools and that people will recognize us for our style.”


MJ adds that he wants new groups to identify with theirs, and that ASTRO becomes a model to follow on the music scene. CHA EUNWOO compares the group to the BRAVE GIRLS, nicknamed “Summer queen”, hoping that ASTRO will one day be nicknamed “Summer king” too. MOONBIN was not very confident the first time he discovered “After midnight“, but hearing it, MJ, told him it was a good song, so he learned to appreciate the title and is now confident about their success.

Despite the plurality of concepts tested by ASTRO, it is with a new style that the group returns with full of hope for this new period of promotions. YOON SANHA and CHA EUNWOO do not budge, they will be crowned kings of the summer after having trained hard for this comeback.


The group concluded this press conference with the broadcast of a second teaser, followed by the performance of their new title track “After midnight“. The new title is intended to be cheerful and refreshing, the dance incorporating some disco steps to stick to the theme. The rest of the album contains five other tracks “Foot print”, “Waterfall“, “Sunset sky“, “My zone” and “Don’t worry“, enough to revitalize fans of the group in all lightness. ASTRO thanking the journalists and all the people who will pay attention to this new album, before leaving the stage.

A word from our reporter: “New successful facet that the group reveals to us, with an endearing personality, particularly crush on the title” My zone “.”

Journalist: Anaïs PILLET
Translator: Shawn

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