SEVENTEEN: SCOUPS, the adorable leader

We are on August 8th in South Korea, so it’s the birthday of S.COUPS, member of the group SEVENTEEN. This is a large group so I suggest you discover a little more about each member through this written portrait.

The member in the spotlight today is S.COUPS, the lovable leader.

S. COUPS was born on August 8, 1995 making him the oldest member of SEVENTEEN, like JEONGHAN, he is enrolled in Kpop major at Hanyang University.

Even though he chose this stage name, many fans and even members call him either Coups or by his real first name, Seungcheol. Despite being the oldest, SCOUPS can be very childish at times, he sometimes sulks at members who often tease him like his same age friends JEONGHAN and JOSHUA and demands attention from fans. He really enjoys giving them fanservice by making statements of love to them and acting cute.

Despite everything, SCOUPS is an excellent leader. Arrived at Pledis Entertainment earlier, he is the link between the agency and the members and doesn’t hesitate to speak up if the staff behaves badly with other members or if something goes wrong. He feels a lot of pressure over it, which led to anxiety that put him to a halt on the “Ode to you” tour.

Strangely enough, SCOUPS’s very calm and rather self-effacing personality was not always there, on the pre-debut show “Seventeen TV” SCOUPS was a bit of the star and put himself forward a lot, but as soon as ‘he became the leader of the group, he calmed down.

SCOUPS is surely one of the members who loves his fans the most, he behaves adorable to them, he once asked a carat wearing a hijab during a fansign if she saw no problem with it. he strokes his head. Additionally, someone who did a photoshoot with the SEVENTEENs revealed that SCOUPS speaks most to their fans, saying it’s their Carats and they are precious to them. This is not surprising since he was the one who decided that the new version of the lightstick would be brighter to be able to light up the karats coming home in the dark after the concert.

Apart from its fans, SCOUPS loves video games and old ballads. Computers and consoles are in his bedroom where he often plays with WONWOO. As for ballads, SCOUPS is romantic and has a very pretty voice, he sings it often. He is also a great dog lover, he also adopted a little dog named Kkuma in 2020 which he is completely crazy about, he treats her like his own daughter, dresses her, pampers her and even organizes a party for her. birthday with cakes and gifts.

SCOUPS is considered one of Pledis Entertainment‘s fossils, arriving in 2010, he should have initially debuted with Nu’est but couldn’t. It is therefore planned for the project of a new male group named “Tempest”, alongside WOOZI and other interns from the agency, only the project was aborted and SCOUPS had to wait several years before starting. He joined the SEVENTEEN adventure and finally made his debut as a general leader, rapper, leader and member of the hip hop unit.

SCOUPS is an excellent rapper with a sexy look, which he does not forget to show us regularly. However, he does express deeper things in his raps, most notably in his solo for the “Ideal Cut” concert, “Phenomenon” where he addresses haters who belittle his band and his fans. When he raps he puts all his energy into it and is very impressive.

Despite his spectacular ardor, SCOUPS also proves to be a very good singer and shines with his soft voice in the “reverse units” (each unit sings a song from another unit) of their annual fanmeeting, “Caratland”.

We wish him a happy birthday, hoping that this year will bring him success and happiness, both in his professional and personal life and that the group will have another year full of projects.

Journalist: Emmaa1904
Translator: Shawn

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