DECEMBER: The teasers of his new title

DK from DECEMBER is raising expectations for his comeback with a teaser for his new song “그날 그밤“.

Emotional BalladerDK will release a video teaser for his new song “그날 그밤” this afternoon of September 17th. The video teaser to be released this afternoon will show DK back with an attention-grabbing visual. The melody of the new song “그날 그밤” and the emotional atmosphere of DK are combined to attract more attention.

In particular, part of the new song “그날 그밤” is released through this teaser, stimulating curiosity. The short video also contains DK’s unparalleled singing ability and sad sensibility, raising expectations for the new song “그날 그밤“.

The new song “그날 그밤“, due out September 19th, is a ballad with emotions about parting, and should captivate listeners with DK’s soft voice and perfect singing ability.

DK is raising fan expectations by announcing the release of a new song a year after the digital single “Please” released in September of last year. In particular, DK plans to continue its activities through broadcast as well as album promotion activities based on this new song.

DK made his K-pop debut in 2009 with “Dear my lover” at DECEMBER. He is loved by the public for his many ballads such as “별이 될게”, “배운게 사랑이라” and “혼자 왔어요”. He started his solo career in earnest by releasing “Lie” in 2019.

DK’s new song “그날 그밤” will be released on various music sites at 6pm on September 19th.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Kyuri Entertainment

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