OMEGA X: Second unit for the “Like” version

The OMEGA X group displays its chic and sexy charm.


OMEGA X released the second photo and video unit for the second mini album “LOVE ME LIKE” on its official SNS on December 29th.

The photos posted show HWICHAN, TAEDONG, XEN and YECHAN exuding subtle charisma with dreamy eyes. Amidst the darkness, red lights and shadows cast on the faces of the members, creating a mysterious atmosphere. In particular, the mysterious signs on the face and neck added curiosity and amplified dark sensuality.

In the video posted with the photos, HWICHAN, TAEDONG, XEN and YECHAN, which were newly created as 3D composites, seem to bring a fresh and different feeling. All four boys grabbed attention by exuding a sense of oneness in all-black costumes, and giving off various charms with mesh, harness, and stitch accessories.

OMEGA X plans to captivate with mature visuals and more daring charms with their second mini album “LOVE ME LIKE“. Unlike the previous work, which showed a powerful and energetic appearance, this album will certainly reveal the presence of OMEGA X as it is armed with sensuality and masculinity.

OMEGA X will be releasing their second mini album “LOVE ME LIKE” on all online music sites at 6pm on January 5th of next year.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: Spire Entertainment

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