ASTRO: A fun unit debut single for JINJIN and ROCKY

On January 17, ASTRO‘s rappers, ROCKY and JINJIN, released a fun-filled MV for their first title-song as a duo !


ROCKY and JINJIN debuted as a duo with a first single album entitled “Restore” and its title-song “숨 좀 쉬자” (Just Breath). In the song’s MV, both artists show their charms while enjoying the song like they are at a party. It seems like the whole song is a funny stage in which both artists enjoy their time dancing and singing along a heady music. By releasing this song, the goal was to tell people to just breath and enjoy their free time while being stressed out by harsh times because of COVID.

The MV is filled with goofy scenes that everybody can relate and both ROCKY and JINJIN are able to show new sides of themselves as great actors but also talented artists. They are both great dancers who have a great stage presence and it seems like they are just enjoying their time on stage in the middle of cool dance breaks.

By promoting as a duo, ASTRO‘s leader, JINJIN, takes almost every rap part of the song which are perfect for his low and deep voice. While ROCKY who is the group’s rapper and main dancer, becomes the main vocal for this title-song, adding his groovy voice and reaching high notes while dancing the choreography. ROCKY is indeed a great artist since 2014, when he was called “Triple Threat” by his company’ staff, even before debuting with ASTRO.

“Just Breath” MV, that you can watch above, already reached more than 500 000 views on YouTube in only 12 hours, showing the fans dedication and support for the duo on ASTRO‘ social medias.

Source: Fantagio
Journalist: Solène
Translator: Solène

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