TREASURE : A Valentine’s Day version of “Jikjin”

TREASURE in collaboration with “BLIP” a special application for KPOP fans.

The video presented by TREASURE through the app received a tremendous amount of explosive responses from fans around the world.

Recently, “Duckmate in My Hand, Blip” released a video of TREASURE’s comeback title track “Jikjin” on their official YouTube channel. The video quickly received attention surpassing 1 million views.

Blip’s “blah blah”, which TREASURE participated in, is new content that focuses on “face close-ups” (extreme close-ups) of idols to better meet the needs of fans, and TREASURE was selected as the second main character after the girl group StayC.

In the newly released video, the members of TREASURE caught the eye by offering a different charm than what they had shown on stage before. TREASURE thanks to its charm, its friendly side and its attractive visuals knew how to play its card well, with the help of several accessories such as crowns of flowers, balloons, sunglasses and dolls, the group quickly attracted the ‘Warning. The cute yet flirtatious facial expressions and gestures charmed fans. Thus commemorating Valentine’s Day.

In response, fans leave positive and admiring comments such as: “every scene is so precious that it should be kept for a lifetime” and “I didn’t expect this kindness because it was a powerful song. , but all 12 of them were so cute I almost passed out.”

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from fans around the world, TREASURE‘s “Blabla” video easily surpassed one million views, and it is steadily increasing at a very fast rate, bringing more attention to the group’s upcoming activities.

TREASURE enjoys great popularity and is considered the artist of the month by K-pop Radar, while making a comeback with “Jikjin” last month, it topped the weekly chart. The 12 youngsters of YG Entertainment have made a good mark on their comeback, as they expand their influence with a solid base of local and overseas fans, curiosity and attention are paid to their future activities.

Meanwhile, “Blip” is a mobile app launched by music startup Space Oddity to easily support fan activities. Since its official launch in June last year, the app has achieved remarkable results by ranking #1 in the Google Play lifestyle category and being selected as App Store Today’s App. Recently, Blip received appreciation for its differentiated content and a high degree of comprehensiveness, and was selected as the #1 player in Google Play’s “2021 3rd Window Program”.


Journalist: Nour
Translator: Nour
Source: Space Oddity

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