BANDAGE : HYEONGBIN ends his activities with BANDAGE

IST Entertainment announced LIM HYEONGBIN’s departure from BANDAGE
IST Entertainment‘s communiqué just dropped,  LIM HYEONGBIN, BANDAGE‘s bassist and maknae, and former trainee of PLAYM BOYS decided to end his contract and left the group since the end of march 2022.
It’s indeed news no one saw coming even if the band has been quiet for a long time and far away from medias and spotlights. After its latest comeback “YOUTH21” 5 months ago, the band became quiet on its future projetcs but promised to be back really soon. The reason of HYEONGBIN’s departure is due to disagreements with the band on its musical views and wished for the band. It is also specified from the agency to not make up any rumors or speculations over his departure, which is as they say, a choice that is purely professional. This announcement is a shock for the band’s fans, especially as it drops the day after the second anniversary of the group, an anniversary IST entertainment didn’t share anything about.
When it comes to the three remaining members, LEE CHANSOL, KANG KYOUNGYOON and SHIN HYUNBIN, they announced to still continue as BANDAGE and will now reorganise the team. This could mean taking applications for a new bassist, or that one of the members will replace HYEONGBIN during recordings.
While waiting for more informations regarding BANDAGE’s future, we are showing all our support to the members and wish the best for LIM HYEONGBIN‘s future.
Journalist: Solenne
Translator: Solenne
Source: IST entertainment.

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