iKON : They arrive in force with their mini-album !

Creating the mystery around their new album since April 11, followed by a poster on April 14 that only let the date be discovered, it is this April 18, 2022 that the members made us discover a brand new poster with the title of their fourth mini-album : ‹‹ FLASHBACK ›› !

Unlike the previous poster whose colors were cold, this one lets the sand color appear as well as the six members dressed in the same tone. Taken in low angle, the image shows a building in their back, possibly the same one on which they stood during their poster of April 14th.

For their fourth mini-album, fans are wondering about the content that iKON will bring us. On their company website YG ENTERTAINMENT, the album is described as a new era focusing on inner music. The band telling us its honest and sad story, like a movie scene.

For the first version, the album will come in a envelope package box, a 112 pages photobook of the chosen version, the cd, a set of postcards and a sticker with a random member appearing on it as well as a set of photopolaroids (4 photos out of 28) and a double-sided poster, only for the first edition.

For the second version, the album will be a cardboard model personalized with the chosen member, a booklet of twenty pages, the cd, a folded poster and a random polaroid in three possibilities.

And finally, the third and last version is an album arriving in a random box, a set of photocards with the lyrics printed on them, a sticker and a random photo, of course, there is a one in six chance of finding your favorite member.

Pre-orders can be placed between April 18 and May 9, 2022 on YG Select, Weverse Shop, and other partner sites. The album will then be distributed starting May 10, 2022. Promotional events will take place during the ordering of some albums.

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs

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