WOODZ: The comeback is close

The countdown for solo singer WOODZ‘s comeback has begun.

First teaser for “COLORFUL TRAUMA”

WOODZ (real name CHO SEUNGYEON) announced on social media his comeback with a fourth mini-album “COLORFUL TRAUMA“. With this announcement, a promotional schedule has been unveiled.

According to the schedule, WOODZ will post photos, playlists, video teasers etc. from April 22, 2022, onwards. These teasers should give a glimpse of the new atmosphere WOODZ is looking for in this comeback.

“COLORFUL TRAUMA” release planning

COLORFUL TRAUMA” will come 7 months after the release of WOODZ‘s third mini-album “Only Loves Left“. According to the release schedule, his new album has more electric colours and a more powerful atmosphere, which has fans excited.

Pre-sales for “COLORFUL TRAUMA” have already started on April 19, 2022, and the album will be released on various music platforms on May 4 at 6 pm (Korean time).


Journalist: Julie,
Translator: Julie,

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