iKON: A second tour is scheduled in Japan!

After a first successful tour “iKON Japan Tour 2022″ which took place in two places, on July 2 and 3 at the World Hall in Kobe and at the Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasium in Tokyo on July 9 and 10, the company YG ENTERTAINMENT revealed to be adding two new dates in October this year but this time in Osaka.

With the Japanese audience being a large percentage of the iKONICS (iKON) fandom, it’s no surprise that they’re successful there. That said, the band clearly is with four dates that have sold out as shown by YG ENTERTAINMENT‘s Japanese subsidiary, YGEX.

The company stated, “We have received an exceptional number of inquiries and information from fans who were unable to purchase tickets about additional sessions.” They then added, “Feeling gratitude, iKON will return their love with performances that will go beyond their expectations.”
The members confided that they are happy to be able to fulfill the promise they made to the fans to meet again soon. They have received great energy from the love and support they send to them. Now it’s time for them to give that energy back.

Something to delight fans who couldn’t make it for the July dates.

Meanwhile, iKON‘s Japanese album “FLASHBACK + i DECIDE” has taken the number one spot on the Top 100 of Japan’s largest music site Line Music. The Japanese version of the title song “But you” took the number one spot on Rakuten Music’s weekly chart.

Journalist: Anaïs
Translator: Anaïs

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