ZICO: The impatience to return before a masterpiece

Producer and artist ZICO will return with his fourth mini album “GROWN ASS KID” on July 27.

GROWN ASS KID” hinted why ZICO, an artist always aware of trends and who shines brighter when he makes his favorite music, can again step up his activities as an artist beyond a long break with musical taste , an unchanged passion and energy.

The audience’s warm reception to ZICO, the “Top Tier” artist returning after two years, is scorching. ZICO, who is considered as one of the representative artists in the hip-hop scene, gained nationwide popularity by hitting the music industry with many masterpieces such as “Boys and girls (Feat. Babylon ), “Artist”,Any song” and “Summer hate

In particular, “Any song” topped the Melon Daily Chart 52 times and won 10 music shows without appearing on the show, gaining sensational popularity as a challenge involving men and women of all ages, showing the true face. by “Top Tier” artist ZICO.

The title track of this album, “Freak”, is a track that condenses the exciting and present vibe of ZICO. The theme song, reminiscent of Monster City, which is a mess due to the disturbance, combines dynamic vocals and melodies, so you can feel the energy of ZICO with your whole body.

The music video teaser for “Freak” released on the 25th announced ZICO’s sensibility by delivering an energetic and free-spirited performance with the lyrics “Enjoying we are weird.” As a result, expectations are growing for ZICO to become a “monster” and express extraordinary excitement.

ZICO also captured the cheerfulness of himself in the music video. The music video teaser for “Freak” caught the eye by showing off its potency reminiscent of a blockbuster movie. Expectations rose as the city filled with confusion before the end of the world, ZICO’s vivid facial expressions and group dance scenes with dozens of dancers amplified expectations for this future achievement.

The cast members who appeared in the music video also played an important role in the success of the video. Actors Roh Yoonseo, Cha Yup, Park Hae Joon, and artist Yongyong will appear together in the music video to provide an immersive feel like in a real movie.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: SNS KOZ Entertainment

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