MUSTB: End of concerts abroad

The MUSTB group has completed overseas offline concerts.


According to MustM Entertainment, its agency on July 31, MUSTB (SIHOO, TAEGEON, SOOHYUN, DOHA and WOOYEON) successfully completed an offline concert held in Bucharest, Romania on the 26th and in Dubai, United Arab Emirates United, July 29.

MUSTB held a performance in Bucharest, Romania and Dubai, UAE to communicate and breathe with the local muffins (name of the MustB fandom) to convey the true value of K-pop there.

MUSTB has done various genres of covers and performances, such as its debut song “I want u“, “Realize”, “Diamond”,Just say it“, “Shed alight“, and recently released “Spring again“.

In addition, various events for local fans at the end of the performance were carried out, the members unfurled the flag and took videos with the fans who were present at the venue, communicating more closely and giving them a happy time than they will never forget.

MUSTB organized its first international tour “MustB a light” in April and proved its global power through offline concerts in Bucharest and Dubai, after its visit to five American cities (Opelica, Atlanta, St. Louis, Houston, LA and South America (Puerto Rico, Panama, Orlando, El Salvador, Mexico) in May.

MUSTB, who debuted in January 2019, released its mini album “LET ME RISE AGAIN” in July last year and its new song “Spring again” in April, gaining worldwide popularity thanks to its exceptional performance and its irreplaceable charm.

MUSTB plans to actively engage in domestic and foreign activities by going back and forth between different stages and performances.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn
Source: MUSTM Entertainment

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