ONLYONEOF: JUNJI embarks on the process of “undergrOundidOl #3”

ONLYONEOF’s JUNJI’sUnderground Idol” teaser has been released.


8D Entertainment released an image teaser of “undergrOundidOl #3” on its official SNS on August 4, announcing JUNJI’s new album.

In the published image, JUNJI wears a colorful printed shirt and looks at the camera with a deep gaze. JUNJI, who exudes a fatal charm even without posing, instantly raised the fans’ excitement index.

JUNJI is the third star of “undergrOundidOl”. Since his strengths are sexy and chic, JUNJI is expected to tell his own story in a song.

“undergrOundidOl” is a project that uncovers the bottom or inside of shining idols on stage in a unique way. Individual members of ONLYONEOF plan to release a solo single every month to show off their own sexy, urban feel.

Earlier, YOOJUNG and KYUBIN refreshed fans with albums that showed off their charms. Following the two members, attention is drawn to the message that JUNJI wants to convey in “undergrOundidOl #3”.

Meanwhile, ONLYONEOF’s JUNJI will release the content of “undergrOundidOl #3” sequentially, starting with the image teaser.

Journalist: Shawn
Translator: Shawn

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