THE BOYZ: The tracklist for the upcoming album

On August 4th, THE BOYZ’ company released a tracklist poster for the 7th mini album ‘BE AWARE’.


With a total of six songs, this mini album will surprise, above all the track ‘WHISPER’ which has been selected as the title song. Moreover, many members from the group became lyricist for this mini album, showing their growth as talented musicians and artists. The title song ‘WHISPER’ is a track that shows the bubbly energy of the group. The lyrics have been wrote by the famous Yoon-kyung and the members JACOB and SUNWOO, adding THE BOYZ’ style in this song.

Moreover, various music styles can be found among these six tracks in a concept that is still mysterious. SANGYEON, HYUNJAE, NEW, Q and SUNWOO are all part of the lyricists, so the group’s fans are even more excited to hear this new mini album.

The 7th mini album by THE BOYZ, ‘BE AWARE’, will be released on August 16 on various music sites.

Journalist: Solène
Translation: Solène
Source: IST Entertainment

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